Virtual MBA (PG program)

Virtual MBA

Virtual MBA (PG program)

In today's competitive business environment, distinguishing yourself from the crowd requires gathering every skill you can and developing proficiency for thinking "outside the box." Increasingly, companies are using an MBA to qualify employees when considering them for advancement.

Considering this CCA being state partners with Globsyn - a software development company from Kolkatta offers a Virtual MBA course:- GLOBSYN BUSINESS SCHOOL.


  • Duration: 15 months
  • Applicants : Graduates for any discipline

  • Advantages:-

  • Flexi-Timing
  • Part-time
  • Industry Oriented
  • SSC Top-up option

  • TECHNOLOGY used:-

  • Multiple Video Delivery Screen
  • Content Sharing
  • Audio Delivery
  • Real-time Delivery
  • Chat Feature
  • Electronic Hand Raising


  • Duration: 4 months
  • Applicants : Technical Graduates- BTech, MCA


  • Duration: 2 months
  • Target students: Technical & Non-Tech Graduates

  • SSC* PROGRAMS-RETAIL-*Sector Skill Councils-

  • Duration: 1 month
  • Target students: Class XII Pass outs

  • Great News to those people who interested to do for this Virtual MBA or GMP program ! Now CCA offers to the new franchisee, just pay for one time-off franchise payment and come enter this competitive business environment with this new way of teaching MBA.

    • SKILL

      CCA Educations Pvt.Ltd. Pune is very proud to be associated with Globsyn Skill Development Pvt.Ltd. Kolkata which is National Skill Development Corporation.....


      Besides franchisees, in the year 2013 requirements came in from university colleges to provide a short term courses to their students in their own premise.....


      COLLEGE OF COMPUTER ACCOUNTANTS (Pune) is a major Accounts education, service and research Institute.....


      With the Great success of our institution, A thought of why not start up with Franchisee’s clicked us.....