ROBOBRAIN (Expert level)

ROBOBRAIN (Expert level)

  • Duration : 5 months
  • Module : 1 module
  • No of Projects : 20 Projects + Robot
  • No of Sessions : 20 Sessions (Only Sunday)
  • Certificate : ROBOBRAIN (Expert level) Certificate
  • Training mode : Practical

We have several programs available to fully engage and challenge your aspiring little engineer or scientist. In each session, your child work to plan and build a new project and robot under the guidance of our faculty. They learn various science, engineering and technology concepts, such as working of electronic circuits and their components, motors and gears, etc.

  • Build his own electronics Model
  • Automation
  • Programming from basics to automating robot


  • Motor Reversal.
  • Bread Board Power Supply.
  • Audio Amplifier.
  • Ac Supply Detector.
  • Dual Motor Robot.
  • Fork Lift Robo.
  • Dual Motor Robot.
  • Fork Lift Robo.
  • Line Follower Robo.
  • Solar Tracking System .
  • Wire Less Robo.
  • Water Level Indicator.
  • Solar Lights System.
  • Temperature Controlled Fan.
  • Object Detector.
  • Generator.
  • Touch ON/OFF.
  • Flashing Light(IC 555).
  • Snake And Ladder.
  • Four Tone Generator.
  • Remote Operated Fan.
  • Dual Motor Robo.
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