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Student Profile System

Every student who wish to apply for Online Exam Form need to be registered on Student Profile System (SPS).

Features of Student Profile System (SPS)

  • This is one-time/permanent profile management system for student.

  • Once registered student will be able to use same account across multiple online applications of CCA through out his course. 

  • Only one account per student is allowed.

Instructions for Creating Account On Student Profile System (SPS)
  Before creating account on SPS you need to have following things with you

  • PUNCODE: Unique 10 digit code assigned to each Franchise by CCA. You can search it from your login.

  • Eligibility Number: Every student gets this number when his eligibility is done by Franchise in eligibility online portal. This number is must for creating profile. Please contact your college to get this number.

  • PRN: (Permanent Registration Number) This number is allotted to a student when he/she first appears for CCA exam.  This number is must for creating profile. This number is printed on student's CCA mark sheet.

  • Based upon data in your profile your exam form will be made available to you, so please provide accurate information in profile.

Steps To Create Profile

  1. Create Account

  2. Login

  3. Enroll for the Course

  4. Fill Personal Information

After completing above four steps your profile will be complete and you can fill exam form by clicking Exam Form button from dashboard.

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